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On March 16, 2022, the Town of Crow Head received notice that the Department of Tourism, Culture, Arts and Recreation would be a funding partner for the Crow Head Historical Exhibit as part of the Come Home 2022 initiative. This project will be a venture without end and the Exhibit Committee is committed to the ongoing growth and development of the exhibit.

To contribute, volunteer, or learn other ways to get involved, please visit our Exhibit page.

Update - June 24/22
On Wed, June 22/22, the Town learned that we have been granted permission to open the lighthouse for tours up the tower. Permission is granted as of July 1/22. The exhibit and lighthouse tower tours will be available 7-days per week from 10 AM to 5 PM.  

August 25/22
On Thurs, August 25/22 the Crow Head Historical Exhibit was closed permanently. The exhibit's committee and staff thank everyone for their incredible support and contributions. Our contributors with items on loan are asked to contact either Lynn Spear or Niki Spear to arrange for the return of your items. Please visit our Exhibit page for contact information. 

At the time of application for this project, its scope of work included implementing water and sewer infrastructure to Mutford's Cove residents as well as making repairs to the existing sanitary ocean outfall concerning a crack that had developed in the pipe.

Since the application, the crack worsened and a piece of pipe has fallen out. Council met with the engineer and a motion was passed to request that the surplus funding remaining, after the Mutford's Cove water and sewer completion, be applied to the funding provided for the original outfall repairs help pay for the new scope of work required.

While waiting for approval, the Town learned of the Government's accelerated deadline regarding funding under the 'Investing in Canada Infrastructure Program', a result of their 2022 Budget. The Town obtained a new estimate for the outfall work to include a complete upgrading of the existing outfall to meet current environmental regulations and submitted a notice of application for funding to wholly bring the outfall to current regulations and reiterating that the current outfall is now an environmental issue.

Update - June 24/22:  

The Town of Crow Head is moving forward to try to do a temporary fix of the outfall while we wait to hear from the Government regarding funding to properly upgrade it to current regulations. 
The Town has reached out to Greg Rogers of Northeast Builders to perform the work. The work will use 6" plastic plyethylene pipe joining up the two pieces that are still in place with couplings. This will be a temporary fix that should keep the sewage off the rocks for the summer. The pipe has been ordered and the estimated arrival date for it is Monday, June 27th. The work is expected to be completed early next week, sometime between the 27th and the 29th.

*The temporary fix has been completed.  

The Town has been advised to allow the Government at least 1-month to assess the request for funding before expecting a response. 

Please check back. We will update this project as more information becomes available.


Projects In Fruition

Every project begins somewhere!

These projects may not be active YET, but Council is working to bring them to fruition.

A New Bylaws Infrastructure

The Council has recognized the need for Bylaws and Poliicies that better serve the community of Crow Head and its development. A committee is in place and it is working closely with the Municipalities to have clear bylaws, practices, and enforcement of standards implemented.

Fundraising Initiatives

As a means to generate income to go towards town development, Council has established a committee that will plan and oversee future fundraising initiatives. 

Stay tuned for coming developments!




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